Friday, September 16, 2016

Sheep wrecked

Sigh. Midge has been doing amazing with remembering past sheep dog training.

Thought this would be okay.

Not okay.

At all.

I walked into the sheep pen with young (training wise) Midge. Had her lie down. Went to open gate while (I thought) keeping an eye on Midge. Suddenly 5 thundering sheep hit me at the knees and I actually went completely airborne for a moment. Landed hip, wrist, back, head. Got to an elbow and found them heading for me again!

Midgie was just doing her job, bringing the sheep to mom.

I shrieked, "LIE DOWN LIE DOWN LIE DOWN!!!!!!!!!"

Midgie did. Brad came and removed her but not before she moved again and sent the freaking sheep in my direction for a third time. I still wasn't up yet so I just screamed and kicked at the poor sheep until they went the other way. Not my finest moment.

I finally got up and out of the pen. 

Arnica orally and topically. Advil. Ice on several parts. Ouch.