Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Donkeys run wild!

I wasted my lunch break today by chasing three horses and two mini donkeys around a pasture before I gave up and got the halters. I guess the 25 mph winds and 50 mph gusts had all of us not in our right minds. Who the hell chases animals around a pasture thinking they can get them to go out the (open) gate? I was leery leaving them in the pasture while getting the halters but what could I do?

You may recall a Facebook post from several months ago discussing the perils of leaving ungelded mini donkeys in with full sized mares. I, in my vast farmy wisdom, figured it was probably okay. Ha! Not so! Many people piped up with stories of mini mules being born from just that situation.

TMI warning!

Apparently the studly mini boys wait until a willing mare has a little lie down and then pounce! Good lord. That painted a picture didn't it? :-/

So, since then, I've not put the mini donkeys in with the whole herd. When I occasionally separate out the geldings the minis can go hang out with them, otherwise they are on their own. So...how did they get in there?

They were in the pasture next door and jumped over the automatic waterer! They have had ample opportunities to do this before but never have! I just assumed that they couldn't/wouldn't, haha the joke's on me! Every single day I live here I learn something new. Glad I was standing right there to watch it happen and keep the girls safe!

After I got the mares out the boys kept lifting their upper lip at me and then decided to chase each other around to work off some steam. It ended in a "love the one you're with" episode. They each had a cigarette and called it a day.